This page is for developers, who want to improve, enhance and tune the firmware internals with using modeling techniques


Modelling what?

So we need a nice way (a prototyping space) to run

Eg. the

Note: we only need to model just the part we need at the moment, no need to make everything at once.

What are good properties to choose language?

Languages candidates

Imagine that uint8_t would be a variable that would implemented in higher bitcount (maybe floating point): it would watch overflow, make histogram statistics, etc...

Framework or library candidates

JAVA - C++ combo is reasonable?

C++ would run firmware operation, and JAVA would provide trigger and analysis.

Now I think that it's better to do it all in JAVA, porting code that is well understood and works and tested in JAVA on a PC is relatively cheap to port to firmware, and there are advantages of an extra-clean (at many places re-done) structure (I envision too many ifdefs for when trying to compile the firmware in C++ )



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