Developer information about modeling camsync


To make a more general dual-trigger implementation that has improved support for camsync:



I started skeleton in JTune CVS, package org.vemsgroup.firmware.

The idea for now is very simple: only model the PrimaryTrigger? interrupt. This means we don't schedule events (or handle concurrency in any way), just step over the teeth that would generate interrupt (35 for a crank rotation of a 36-1 trigger).

What can be checked?

Idea is to


Currently the Java EventQueue? (that was written in 190 seconds) works with double -based time-storage (and not the most efficient sorting of events, but who cares?). I think it will be enough to convert the time to firmware-format (4 usec, 32 bit integer split to 2 words) in some code-sections - so it's not worth to use a TimeInstance? object (am I wrong?).

The idea is to generate cam and crank-tooth events that are captured by PrimaryTrigger? and SecondaryTrigger? and passed to userspace, where the Scheduler notices there is some work to do and instructs the detection code to find out engine phase:

That's all