Using Vemstune 1.3.1 ,VEMS 3.6 (written on the order receipt and mainboard) but Vemstune recognise it like v3.3 (firmware and bootloader is same for all, so that is OK), firmware 1.2.2.

Engine code: S50B32


Started the engine in stock form, nothing changed, i only attached my ecu adapter socket to the car's original ecu socket.

I wanted , for the start to verify vanos functionality.

I have problems in getting a stable secondary and third trigger, also, secondary and third triggers tries to follow target cam advance maps, but not with very good success. I have manually put cams in max advance and retard position , and took note of them, after that i have made cam target maps.I have attached leds to solenoid outputs, and they are very unstable, even if in close proximity of cam target. I suspect an unstable trigger signals.

I attach two trigger logs, one only cranking and one at idle, a config file, and a log.

[Uploaded files location]

In the Vemslog you will see also, that around 1800-2000 rpm, i have very nasty fuelcut, i don't know the cause.

Use higher baudrate, like 115200 in triggerlog to raise the max RPM where it can capture all pulses

I am not very sure about VR sensors polarity, i have tried everything, and i do not have a oscilloscope to verify them.

Also a have seen in a DTA wiring instructions, that the Crank and exhaust cam (secondary trigger for vems) has the same polarity, but the intake cam sensor (third trigger) has inverse polarity. Can anyone confirm me that?

Can someone give me some advice about setting the right advance or retard of the cams, for this specific turbo aplication? I saw that at idle intake must be fully retarded, after 1500rpm it will advance until full boost is attained and after will go in full retard until the redline. This is correct? The exhaust cam is better to let it fully advanced for the whole rpm range, or it must vary too? Also, in angle readings of the cams in vemstune, actual degrees of the cams are displayed, or crank angles?

Firing order - starting offset set according to sectrig position

I run fully sequential, spark and fuel: cannot be sure if the right injector fires on the right cylinder at a given firing event (actually, inj is best to close about 430 BTDC, so 400 crankdeg before spark; only matters for low-power though, eg. idle and cruise).

In short, if ign (traversed down) topmost is cyl6, inj (traversed up) bottom entry should be cyl6.

Firing order 153624

Fill in table (ignoutputnum and/or ec36/pin..).

Preferrably also publish your running config => than we can review injection settings to match.

Ok, i understood about injection timing. Thanks

There is someway that can i get support on knock settings? I have asked above and gave some details about it.


Ok, thanks for the help.

Yesterday i have done some dyno pulls, and we arrived at 500hp from 5000rpm to 8000rpm, and 590Nm torque at around 5500 rpm. at 0.8 bar. At 0.7 bar it has 475hp .

I will post some videos.

Thanks for the support, i wait for news about the knock sensing feature update, because my client was a little disapointed when i told him that knock sensing will not be functional.

Hello again!

I need to know if there are news about the knock sensing feature.

Also, i have bought a bluetooth dongle from you to use it with Vems Display, i have made all the settings right, it finds the bluetooth, paired it, but Vems Display only shows me "Connecting", and does nothing else, no error messages, nothing.

There is some Help thread that i can follow in this matter?


There is another method to get help a little faster, than this wiki? It's a little frustrating, to buy things, with little or no clear instructions, and without support for them. I don't understand, why do you have knock sensing option for your ECU but it does not work, and also this bluetooth dongle, and software. Maybe i am mistaken, and i apologise in advance if i have mistaken, but it's not normal to get support in such a long time, or not at all. I have my client on my head, saying "Why have i payed this money for it, and does not work?"