Hi, Engdahl here.


How to run this engine? (tested on 1.2.33 , strobing needed, and finetune TDC positions )

Trigger Confirmed


Confirmed same as MembersPage/PeepPaadam/BMWwithViperEngine

But with inverted/falling edge pattern.

Triggers are:

HALL,HALL (both crank and cam sensors HALL)

firing order 1,10,9,4,3,6,5,8,7,2

odd fire TDC 0,54,144,198,288,342,432,486,576,630

We assume wasted spark ignition: 5 ignouts for 10 cyls

exact positions (angles) of these TDC events:

Considering every 2nd crankpulse, evenly spaced, every 72 crankdeg:

If VVTI (camshaft angle control) will be used, check actuator authority range: if there is a "race-condition" between sectrig pulse and primtrig pulse.

First: Will Vems allow for ODD fire V10 config? Yes!

How to setup the odd fire sequence?

We have created a configlet for easy setup, in VT-> primary trigger settings select configlet "Chrysler_Viper_V10_10+1_Camsync" this takes care of most of the basic settings

  • some calibrations still remain, strobing (and calibrating) TDC after the trigger
  • do NOT set to "oddfire" (if this configlet hasn't configured so !). The spark delay will take care of the "oddity" in this case
  • verifying the correct order of the 18 degree alternating delay; the configlet default now is 18 degree delay applied to the odd cylinder numbers, if the 18 deg delay on the even cylinder numbers is needed edit the configlet file "Chrysler_Viper_V10_10+1_Camsync.txt" (in your VT_install_dir/configlets/trigger), comment the line: "h[3]=00 48 00 48 00 48 00 48" and uncomment the line "h[3]=48 00 48 00 48 00 48 00"

Proof of concept triggerlog output (note the double amount of ign0/ign1 falling is normal because of the 'and 0x07' reported cylinder number)


The Viper V10 is a 90 degree 10 cyl engine. 720 degrees / 10 = 72 degrees. And on a 90 degree engine that means 18 degree Odd fire on right-bank cylinders. Correct?

VEMSTUNE warning(s)

Example: separated cylinder spark delay does allow for more than 3 degree delay.

Order info for V3:


- 1-wire interface no

- EGT input 2

- ETC BridgeOutput?_Interface 0

- Flyback HighZ-only 30V flyback

- Hi-side PFET outputs 0

- ignition driver 8

- Knock input channels 0

- LCD connection yes

- MAP connection 400 kPa simplenipple

- mounting-style flanged case

- primary_trigger HALL

- secondary_trigger HALL

- Service ASAP

- Special requests yes

- withSDcard no

Special request:

Dual 4.9 wideband inputs.

Lodaded with new 1.2.33 firmware with Viper V10 configlet.

Baseconfig (wiring must be specified for firing order)

Fuelpump Ec36 Pin 15.