Customer has a drift car, BMW with installed Dodge Viper 8.3liter V10 engine.

Engine is odd-fire V-10 (90-54 degrees). Similar to MembersPage/ThorbjornEngdahl/VIPER


Primary trigger is HALL and trigger type is apparently coil-type (flywheel has 5 pairs of teeth, see photo).


EDIT: Trigger log: both primary and secondary trigger:


VEMS reads RPM but throws trigger errors

Is it possible somehow to mask the 2nd tooth of each pair so that VEMS treats the primary trigger as coil type with 5 teeth?

Secondary trigger is HALL, pattern is unknown at the moment. UPDATE: cam trigger is "half-moon" style: one teeth which is 180 degrees wide.

Ignition system is wasted spark, using 5 ignoutputs

Pairs of cyls (obviously):