I have noticed that V3.8 have some differences when adding third trigger.

I have made the same circuit i used on ma 3.7 board but on the 3.8 board it does not seem to work?

[VT Help] says "Use Pull-up resistor, a 10k protection resistor, and protection Diode, and a 22nF capacitor (min 10nF) between processor pin and GND."

  • This is exactly what i did, I had this on a 3.7 unit, and a moved it all over to this unit. Does not work. Thanks for the guide, will measure everything, might have made a mistake somewhere - ENGDAHL

Only essential components: "Pull-up resistor, a 10k protection resistor"

With that in mind, the minimum info in a request would be :

Third trigger input

I read somewhere about some capacitor need changing?

Please write a complete guide of what needs to be done for third hall trigger on 3.8 board.

I'm trying to change this v3 s/n 9422 from VR/VR (well: it is VR/HALL in the first place) to HALL/HALL/HALL

Atleast I think it was VR/VR because is has the second LM chip.

Whats strange though is that the blob under the FETS was open

But when I try to ground the signal on Pin 13 It looks like VR interference, not clean signal.

And no signal on third what so ever. Have I just forgotten some settings in VEMStune maybe?

'''v3/9422 orig specs (might have been changed since than)


Does it match ?

See [V3.8 genboard 3rd trigger input]