This page documents ECU features to be utilised in the EJ25 N/A DOHC installation

Feature Spec Verified Hardware utilised Software support Priority
Sequential injection 4 x 11.5 Ohm / 270 cc/min injectors   4 x injector drivers Yes -
Wasted spark ignition Diamond F-569 coilpack. 0.62 - 0.76 Ohms primary, 17.9 - 24.5 K-Ohms secondary (assuming we're not using the factory ignitor).   2 x ignition drivers Yes -
Idle air control Solenoid   IAC output 1 Yes -
Fuel pump 1 relay   Fuel pump relay output Yes -
MAP 0-5V range   OEM external pressure sensor (Auto and Turbo models only?) Yes -
LCD Optrex daylight readable STEP display MembersPage/RichardBarrington/LCD - 4x20 LCD output Yes -
Front wideband lambda VEMS Bosch LSU - WBO2 channel 1 Yes -
Rear wideband lambda VEMS Bosch LSU - WBO2 channel 2 Partial (comparison and range testing should be done) Low
EGT VEMS EGT sensor - EGT Channel 1 Partial (is this used for more than display?) Low
Knock sensor "AC voltage output"   Knock channel Partial (is this used for more than display?) Low
Cooling fans 2 relays   2 relay outputs Partial (only 1 fan switch is supported) Medium
Subaru crank trigger 87/32 degree signal, TDC 10 deg before. VR +/- 7 Volts @ idle   VR 1 No High
Subaru cam sync 1, 2 or 3 pulses to determine cylinder, so order is important (eg, to know cyl. 1 vs cyl. 4). VR +/- 7 Volts @ idle   VR 2 No High
EGR Valve Solenoid   Misc driver 1 No Medium
PCV Valve Solenoid   Misc driver 2 No Medium
Pressure Select Valve Solenoid (manifold/barometric select)   Misc driver 3 No Medium
EVAP Valve Solenoid   Misc driver 4 No Medium
Warning Lamp (CEL) Dashboard lamp   Misc driver 5 No (implies bounds checking, etc) Medium

In [MoSCoW] parlance: High = Must Have, Medium = Should Have, Low = Could Have.

[dnb]Very interested to see how this goes...

The MAP sensor is indeed only present on turbo cars.

The injectors are low impedance IIRC - however resistor packs can get around this. Supporting the VR trigger itself is no problem, but the crank trigger pattern does not seem straight forward to me... I do have a source for direct replacement 36-1 wheel though! What will you use the pressure exchange solenoid for? Baro correction?

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