Subaru Legacy Outback (JDM Grand Wagon) AKA The Daily Driver

Why is there smoke coming out? Hmm. Seems one of the heads is leaking oil onto the exhaust manifold. Better fix things before I set it all on fire. Fitting new rocker cover gaskets, cambelt, seals, idlers, etc seems to have sorted it. $985 NZD.

The car is basically a Legacy Wagon with too much suspension. It's got a 2.5L flat four, with a four speed automatic gearbox. It's a 1996 model, so it's getting a little tired now. Blew out a head gasket driving to work, so time for a freshen up!



It should look something like this...


Subaru EJ25 DOHC Genboard v3

Grandwagon needs a Genboard...




Subaru trigger support now added to signalgen in SVN. A zipped output sample is online at

It looks reasonable in Audacity, but my motor is in parts so haven't compared to a real engine yet. I used Duncan's diagram and Michael's images for reference.

I'm not sure exactly what cam_start_pos is supposed to do, so this may need to be added.

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