Plug'n'play was a nice idea, but connectors are harder to find. A new ECU and a new loom to suit is easier. Land Rover made life good for us and used injector connectors on most everything, so hook up is easy - really only needed to fit the MAT sensor to intake pipe.

Pin mapping:

FunctionVEMS ECU pinWire ColourComments
GroundEC36-26BlackDirect to battery for lowest noise
Power GroundEC36-21 EC36-32 EC36-5BlackGood connections!
TriggerEC36-27WhiteShielded, see notes below
TPS VrefEC36-28Red 
TPS GndEC36-5Yellow 
Coolant temperatureEC36-14Blue 
Manifold air tempEC36-2Grey 
Fuel pump relay -veEC36-15OrangeP259_5
Cooling fan relay -veEC36-4GreenP259_0
Injector 1EC36-7Black 
Injector 2EC36-19Black 
Injector 3EC36-8Black 
Injector 4EC36-20Black 
Injector 5EC36-9Black 
Injector 6EC36-18Black 
Injector 7EC36-6Black 
Injector 8EC36-17Black 
Idle stepper AEC18-4  
Idle stepper BEC18-10  
Idle stepper CEC18-5  
Idle stepper DEC18-11  
NernstEC36-13BlackOops, should have been shielded
Pump +EC18-9Red 
Pump -EC18-7Yellow 
Heater +-Greyto fuse block
Heater -EC18-18White 
RS232 rxEC18- Shielded
RS232 txEC18- Shielded
RS232 gndEC18- Shielded

The new loom is constructed from Automotive-spec Cross-linked Polyethelene wire (-40 to 125 degrees centigrade) and Military-spec Tefzel wire (-65 to 150 degrees centigrade). Fuses and relays are automotive, for easy replacement if and when required.

Trigger notes

Given that the Mallory is a multi-spark unit, we don't want to read from the coil. We'll use the 12V square wave signal from the Mallory ignition tach output.

The VEMS ECM has internal clamping (and reasonable protection) for the input (on v3.x D14 5V1 zener IIRC). External wizardry to cut this down to a 5V squarewave is NOT needed

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