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Idle control stepper motor problem:

The stepper only controls idle if the engine is started if the stepper plug is connected AFTER the engine has been started.

If the stepper is connected when the engine is started, then the car idles at about 2500rpm as the stepper effectively doesn't work.

The Rover stepper is a lucas venturi type, where the stepper contols a plunger in a housing on the rear of the inlet manifold, the problem feels like the stepper control does not know where it is, or is not able to send it out far enough.

The config is [here]

Have a look at MembersPage/DavidBlades/IdleControl It might help you as I had the same problem with the same stepper. -- David

Question: Hi Tony here, Another slight problem to run along side the one below,

The ecu is getting its trigger from the tach output from the hyfire, (think Richard B said it was a sqaure wave or close to) the MegaTune rev counter dial reads 6k when the hyfire is put in test mode, but the on board car tach reads 3k as it should, Any ideas?????

A: Check Settings / Constants in megatune, "Constant for RPM Calc", should be 12000/number of cylinders, 1500 for a V8

//Emil Larsson

Question: Tony reports that the IAT reading on MegaTune stays at 77degC regardless of whether the sensor is plugged in or not. He has measured the resistance between EC36-pin2 and EC36-pin26 as 4.7k to 5.2k The firmware version is 1.0.23

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Keeping it simple, and retaining invested components... we'll run banked fuel injection and single channel WB02 only. Aim for the car is simply to improve fueling quality and verify fueling accuracy.

Here's what we'll need... MembersPage/RichardBarrington/CapriBOM

Here's how we'll do it... MembersPage/RichardBarrington/CapriWiring

Here's how it'll be set up... MembersPage/RichardBarrington/CapriConfig

Here's what happened... MembersPage/RichardBarrington/CapriBuild

When that's all running well, we can think about stepping up to sequential injection, ignition, and even nitrous control - with a proper crank trigger.

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