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Genboard V3.3 will be used in a Peugeot 106 1600 8v (TU5J2) for setup purposes and later on it will be used on a 1600 16v unit (TU5JP4) which is currently in preparation. It will replace the stock Magneti Marelli P.8 management and will use all the stock sensors for the moment.

Reasons for using VEMS:

- hands on experience with engine management

- implementing new features in the future like Electric waterpump and cylinder deactivation

- get programming skills

The engine:

- 1600 8V 75 kW

- primary trigger: 60-2 crankshaft mounted VR sensor

- secondary trigger: none, so batch ignition

- wasted spark coilpack

- 100kPa MAP sensor

- 149 cc/min high impedance injectors (19 Ohm)

- Custom ECU casing, as found on many newer Peugeot and Citroen petrol engines

- Custom wiring loom