The Toyota 20v 4A-GE Idle Air Controller uses a two coil solenoid. Thanks to MembersPage/Skassa we have a working configuration that should work 'off-the shelf' with 20v installs, providing us with a perfect idle.

Download the Patch zip file from here:

Unzip the file into your VemsMT1.0.xx folder.

Go into the VemsMT1.0.xx\config folder and rename the config.txt and tables.txt files as these will be overwritten.

In the main VemsMT1.0.xx folder double click on download-config.bat

Once the files have been downloaded double click on 20vIACPatch.bat

You will see a number of warnings, these are expected.

As long as there are no Errors proceed to the next step of double clicking on upload-config.bat

Now test that your VEMS is functioning correctly.

If you're happy with the changes go back into the config folder again and rename the config.txt file to something like configPre20vPatch.txt in order to preserve your original config.

Return to the main folder and double click on download-config.bat

This will download the config that you have tested, you may wish to rename the config file to preserve it.