IMPORTANT: Injector outputs wiring

I believe that

pin 7 and 8 is group 0 (cyl 1-4)

pin 19 and 20 is group 4 (cyl 2-3


We're discussing injector output configuration for 3 days now, but the injector output wiring is still not written ! We can only recommend best grouping when injector output wiring is known

recommended (sw grouping): Wire 1 output to one injector (grouping happens in config) !

We used h[0]=03 00 00 0C 10 00 00 00

in [this config]

but h[0]=05 00 00 0A ... might be better ... depending on how injectors are wired. Grouping cyl1,4 and cyl2,3 is recommended

2010-11-17 HQ room testing with VT play trigger trigger type c130:


In cranking it is working fine all 4 injector groups are firing, but when it leaves cranking rpm the

with default h[0]=01 02 04 08 ... Inj group 1,2 are stopped. Only 0,3 are working.

You need to use

h[0]=05 00 00 0A ...

(that is with alternate=13; alternate=11 would be h[0]=05 0A ... )

We used h[0]=03 00 00 0C 10 00 00 00

Need a little help to set this car up.

Car Porsche 944 2.5 N/A 1984, 4 cyl

Firing order = 1342

using only 1 coil + distributer


Porsche Audacity trigger recordings

Config and logs


We are sweeping the secondary trigger position

We tested 1.1.85 with auditrigger divby5 and c130. works like a charm.


Assuming 130 crank tooth and one crank ref tooth (Auditrigger) see trigger log

No camhall masking is used. Since there is no cam-HALL inverter in the box, EC36/13 camHALL input can be left unconnected (>3V).


Result of today's testing.

Loaded firmw 1.1.85

changed toothrel_missing=04 manually in the config file (did not find tag in VT)

  • perfect !

div by 2

number of teeth on wheel 26

first trigger tooth 1

next trigger tooth 13

width of tooth 13.75

I due not hope it´s the “I button immobilizer” that's cursing these problems. => no, just don't enable I-button immobilizer. Use the default mode: "prohibit according to firmware version" (this SafetyMode was very important to prevent more flooding when not following the procedure).

BAD config:

(eg, configswitch should never be enabled during setup).


Tank you


divby5 allowed in 1.1.85: divby2 setting now means divbyANY mode

See 1.1.85 in GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges (a testing 1.1.85 into )

Benchtest is needed. The 135 tooth worked up to 11k in earlier tests with same trick (a higher divider).


The car starts and run but above cranking RPM, it will not fire injector group 1 and 2 (group 0 and 3 is ok) so we used 0 and 3(see config)

All outputs tested ok and injectors also firing when ignition go high (primepulse).

Possibly just a error is settings but I can´t simulate this type of trigger so need help.


ECU was equipped with auditrigger but withOUT cam-HALL inverter).