Current setup 2014: I used Emanage for a while but now I swiched back to VEMS 3.7.

Volvo S70R built '01 B5244T3 LPT engine with ported RN *head, Dual VVT, but my exhaust side is fixed.


  • Hook up Motronic, give pos, negative wires and only the coolant signals, but in this case you need a separate sensor for Vems, I used a RN one.
  • Create a small 2$ circuit to generate frequency to instrument panel: 40Hz-21Hz (20°-100°)
(What missing is compressor disengage control when WOT or high LOAD. I can live without that.)

​ Full automatic, monitors high pressure side, which triggers the fan low/ high speed depending on the pressure. Shut down the compressor over 125°C or above 30bar on pressure side... So it unable to overload.

Requires the following signals:

Power and grounds, "High" Pressure sensor, stock coolant signal, Pressostat "low" press switch, RPM signal, Low and High speed of the Fan

Future plans:

Fine tune start up time, shorter cranking from 2-3 seconds)

VVT control setup

EVAP control

Trip Computer: could be handled in the future, but not important, because Vems can display consumption in main screen, present and average also.

Former car setup on vems in 2010: Volvo 740

1st setup was: B230FT, ported 19T, port&polish 531 w/ 38exht valves, running E85, MS2 V3 Extra management system was until one year... Then back to Fred chips :P. -->280HP

2nd: T5 Swap: S70 B5254T engine with TD04HL-19T turbo. Goal is above 300HP on E85 fuel


Used Firmware: 1.1.80 + VemsTune

Vems case is a 960 Motronic ECU

Big 20x4 LCD

Bosch 7057 Wideband

Fuel supported by 65lb Siemens Deka's

Volvo T6 COP's

Stock 60-2 flywheel, VR sensor

Stock CAM HALL sensor (according to logs, rising edge re-clocked between cyl 3&1)

Config and logs: