Ignition Setup for MembersPage/MarteleurTim

Tim will describe the engine basics (like cyl-count, etc...) on MembersPage/MarteleurTim page to make it possible to help.

I keep distributor only for distribution. I use Hall sensor on crank as a trigger input for the VEMS.

Q: So actually I have to lock the plate in the distributor and remove the vacuumline in order to lock the vacuumadvance and let the distributor only distribute the spark?

A: With the distributor used only for spark distribution, and not timing advance, none of what you described is necessary. The poles in the rotor cap are fixed, that is all that matters for spark distribution.

I have setup the wheel with two bolts 180 separated and +- 60BTDC.Picture will follow.

Config see MembersPage/MarteleurTim/Config

OK but then I still have to measure with a degreestool the exact amount of degrees the trigger is from TDC. This is not so easy to determine whether it is 60 or 61 or 58?

Measure the white dot (paint one if there is none) position precisely, and the trigger position only roughly. The dot is 0..10 degrees BTDC, quite easy to measure. This allows you to adjust the ign_tdcdelay with a TimingLight.

You can also use permanent marker pen and use length-measuring tool (eg. at the circumference of a wheel) and calculate degrees.

OK thanks I will do that.

Some Q's about the first config based on a similar engine of Mattias volvo

Tables see MembersPage/MarteleurTim/Tables

I want injector sequence 1342,

I have connected FETdrivers (according to GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table )

so h[0]= 2 8 4 1 0 0 0 0

is fine, since h[0] is traversed backwards from element 3 ("config.alternate" lower nibble) to 0.