I must say that the follow mode tuning is nice feature (eg. mmtn mmtf), but there is something weird on how it works. Or should I say LCD showing current bin little weird.

Let's say rpm bins are 800, 1100, 1600 and kPa bins are 20, 30, 50. Now engine idling 28kPa and 1050rpm (at main menu) and LCD showing current 30kPa 1100rpm bin at tune menu, right. But when engine speed increases to 1110rpm tune menu shows that current bin is 30kPa 1600rpm, WRONG! Same thing with kPa scale, when the real kPa goes just over set 30kPa eg. 31kPa LCD shows that current kPa bin is 50kPa, wrong again.

As I think this could make a huge difference, like when at hold-speed dyno modifying ignition table 50kPa is way different to 30kPa etc! I think firmware should change current bin based on effective kpa/rpm bin.