As my Genboard v3.3 got wired up (see MembersPage/JoelZernask), this page is about the configration.

Here are the specs of my engine:

Firmware version used: 1.0.36

Here is my config (manmcd command in Bray Terminal):




Problems faced with the trigger during the installation process are here: MembersPage/JoelZernask/TriggerPage (chronologically listed, lots of BS)


Cylinders firing together are:

1 5 4 8

6 3 7 2

The coil packs were planned to be connected as follows (PhatBob?'s guide):

EC36-pin35 to Coil 1

EC36-pin33 to Coil 2

EC36-pin34 to Coil 3

EC36-pin36 to Coil 4

However, drives 00 (EC36-pin35) and 03 (EC36-pin36) appeared disfunctional (probably damaged) on my board, therefore had to be replaced.

Now the cylinders are wired as follows:

Cylinders 1 & 6 to Coil 1 to EC36-pin11 drive06

Cylinders 5 & 3 to Coil 2 to EC36-pin33 drive01

Cylinders 4 & 7 to Coil 3 to EC36-pin34 drive02

Cylinders 8 & 2 to Coil 4 to EC36-pin24 drive04


Sequential fuel delivery for Audi 3,6 V8 PT engine

firing order: 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2

Bosch injectors 173cc

Constant for RPM calculation is 1500.

Req fuel is ca 16 (173cc injectors).