Janno Kusman

I'm software developer(Java) in [Tallinn/Estonia].

I own a [Nissan 200sx s13] with CA18DET engine(1.8T twincam 4cyl 16v) with lot of bolt-on mods. Currently it uses standard ECU that has been modified with EPROM emulator and custom maps in it. I'm also co-author of Nissan CA18DET chip editing software [1]

I want to help with adding/improving support for InputTrigger/NissanTrigger and testing it on my car. I hope to get help from Silver who owns Opel Kadett C with MegaSquirt 2 and who has also written some code for MegaSquirt 2 (we work in same company). Although Nissan standard ECU is programmable through EPROM emulator, it doesn't have support for wideband lambda and datalogging and also some functions are still unclear (ecu self learn function and ignition retard on detonation). It would also be fun to add some advance functions to VEMS as traction control, bang system and full throttle shift (cut ignition).

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MembersPage/JannoKusman/FirmwareNotes is page where I keep my notes about code that deals with Inputtrigger processing