Nissan CAS trigger (360 pulses)

Old solution was a 24+1 slot trigger wheel as described here: VehicleFitment/Nissan ... plenty of cars are running on these trigger disks. Still a good option, especially above 1.6 million pulses per minute (above 9000 RPM).

Leaving the 360 impulse disk - implementation works well (slightly above 10000 RPM on bench)

Note: everything below is for GEEK / Developers

We'll adjust the TDC-delay (or is it close to 60 crankdegrees which makes most sense ?) in the userfriendly "1-click" triggersetup configuration (bottom of primary trigger dialog)

Fill in this form (and correct if necessary): signal is normally 0V (according to patent FIG.3 at least), but 5V in the small slots:

There is also the 6-cyl wheel:

Best I can do right now (Gunni)

Download this

Then open this file

Itīs a SR20DET 1997 engine captured trigger input

Should be easily viewable in the Picoscope program.

The low (4/6) pulsecount connected to primary trigger, the 360 tooth divided by 4 (or 8?) connected to sectrig is being implemented. The exact positions "relative to TDC" (!) would still be needed (firmware+configlet will be released when that is written above).

Geek notes

We thought to use a hardware divby4 divider, but when we implemented in v3 firmware, we found that the 360 pulse works perfectly, while the divby4 is not as reliable

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