Im hoping this will serve as a useful place to store results of using vems on various spec 4AGE engines.

I keep most pictures and suchlike on a photobucket page which Ill cross link for now until I become more used to the wiki interface.

Heres latest install

16v 4AGE

272/7.5mm lift cams

Stock head, stock valves

Wiseco forged hi comp pistons

40mm ITBs, 4-1ex manifold, 2" race exhaust.

295cc injectors

Video of startup before cams were dialled in, rough startup map from another 4AGE (I think).

Car is not mapped.

Click this video link to see car idling for first time :D


After mapping:

Torque Graph vs RPM Bins


HP graph vs RPM bins



Heres second latest install

16v 4AGE

312/11mm lift cams

40mm ITBs, 4-1ex manifold, 2" race exhaust (2box).

295cc injectors

RMSport prepared cylinder head, Big valves





Video link of car starting after cams dialled in to 100/100.

Optimum TRD specs are 102/102, but leaving it to dyno tuner to

find optimum based on rolling road results.

Click this video link



APRIL 2009

KP61 Toyota STarlet With 20v4AGE, uprated cams, pistons etc.

Mucho thanks to PhatBob? for answering my SMS messages over the holidays, one penang and beer coming your way!

Work over the holidays:

264/9mm TODA Cams dialled in to

INTAKE Max lift at 106

EXHAUST Max Lift at 116

Follow Loom Guide to start car...RTFMFTW!



First start

Second start

We will have to tune the engine.

We don't understand every part of VemsTune (first of all: leave those features disabled that are not in use). Maybe more about ... in the help, or ... feature would be helpful especially for inexperienced (or first-time) installers.

Some ECU-s / tuning softwares with less features are easier for novices (or without reading the help).