I don't get any reaction on the knock-indicaton. It shows max all the time unless you disables it, then it shows "1" and it may vary between 0 and 2.

Q: Is a certain firmware recommended when useing knock-sensor?

Q: Does any one got knock-sensor/indicator working?


I'm setting op the knock-sensor but I only got a 16MHz crystal with the board, and I see 4MHz is the normal setup.

Q The "knock-chip" has a programmable-divider so it can also use a 16MHz crystal if it is set up, but where to set up/program this divider?

A: You need to recompile firmware with the following line added to my_make: "MY_CONF += -D KNOCK_OSC=16", then the knock chip is initalized with the correct divider for the 16MHz crystal.


Knock-frequency around 7kHz.. from about 6,2-7,8KHz.


Engine: VW 1800 8v. 81mm bore, 86,4mm stroke.

Publish the wav file of the knock sensor recorded with your notebook when you cling the block with a wrench. (so we can verify freq, although 7kHz "sounds" reasonable)

onboard knock setup



I have connected the shield to GND outside the box, and connected the two wires to "knock 1" ("ch. 0" in MegaTune).


knock_conf=FD #0xFF=Enable knock detection and ignition retard. # MegaTune changes it to: FC (disable)

knock_sampling_window=e2 # any good suggestions?

knock1_frequency=29 # decimal 41 6.94kHz

knock1_gain=14 # How much gain is estimated to bee needed?

knock1_integrator=11 #any good suggestions?




knock_threshold=50 # Threshold to determine if retard needed

knock_noise_scale=10 # any good suggestions?

knock_max_retard=18 #6 degrees

knock_default_retard=08 #2 degress

knock_retard_step=04 #1 degree

knock_retard_delay=10 #240ms

knock_advance_step=02 #0,5degree

knock_advance_delay=10 #240ms

knock_minrpm=0F #1500rpm

knock_maxrpm=32 #5000rpm

For the gain and knock_threshold (the ratio of these is what mostly counts), much depends on your sensor, engine. Even screw fastening torque changes amplitude somewhat.