I have recently discovered a problem when a secondary trigger signal is connected to the ecu but is not being used

I set this up on the bench and recorded a trigger log turning the secondary input on and off. Itīs very clear that the signal is occuring once per cycle. Also uploaded is when the secondary trigger is enabled so itīs clear that itīs the secondary signal.

Link :

Link :

If running sequential fuelling and secondary sensor has failed prior to cranking then there is no indication in Vemstune to the failure (no missing secondary and RPM=0, rpm showing that primary still works, only running flag "ON")

Ideally if either sensor fails before cranking an error should state so.

When running "Missing tooth primary allow sync without camsync recieve" the ECU cannot distinguish between strokes (of course: without camsync !)

. If you really want to limphome without camsync, set up the 2nd table/config (see TableSwitch and referred VT help).