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Note: setting up this feature is much easier in new VemsTune. Read [ help]

The Important Hardware Warning below is still important (don't smoke the analog input). The remaining should not normally be necessary (except for older firmwares).

Important Hardware Warning

The switch that switches a relay MUST NOT be connected directly to mcp3208 input. The mcp3208 would be blown immediately. Use a diode (eg. 1n4007) to protect the mcp3208 input.

This way +12V from the relay will not get to mcp3208. The mcp3208 input will be pulled to 0.7V (or 0.3V if schottky diode is used), that is fine.

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INFORMATION BELOW SHOULD NOT be necessary with 1.1.84 or newer firmware with recent VemsTune. Kept for old firmwares, or the curious or for special occasions.

Switching over tables

A more complex method to upload data to tableset1 is found on MembersPage/GolfGtiLpg/KapcsLpg

Indication flag (to differentiate between tableset0 and tableset1) was implemented

for Power-users - text stolen from GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges