Short information about me


I'm following this project from the early days, and I'm now starting my first installs here in Brazil.

My Cars

Lada Niva

This will be the first one. It is a Lada Niva 1991, that actually has a VW AP2000 ethanol engine, still on carburator, that is receiving a crossflow head from a 1994 Golf and a KKK small turbocharger.

The project page is at MembersPage/GuilhermeBuonfiglio/LadaNiva

Opel Calibra

Second will be an Opel Calibra 1995, with a C20XE engine will forged pistons, 9.5:1 compression ratio, already running on ethanol (stock Motronic 2.8) and will also receive a turbocharger.

The project page is at MembersPage/GuilhermeBuonfiglio/CalibraXEonEthanol

Other Cars

Audi RS2

I will also help a friend installing VEMS in an Audi RS2, engine code ADU 003151, with several performance upgrades...

The project page is at MembersPage/GuilhermeBuonfiglio/AudiRStwoOnEthanol

Other plans

Latest updates

Ordered all parts for all cars