Lada Niva with VW AP2000 engine, crossflow head and turbocharged


This is a Lada Niva 1991, that actually has a VolksWagen? AP2000 ethanol engine, still on carburator, that is receiving a crossflow head from a 1994 Golf with Stage1 modifications and a KKK turbocharger from an Audi A3.

This is a hybrid engine (VW AP2000 1986 carburator engine with VW Golf 2.0 8V head), it has currently a distributor with mechanical advance.

Q: What trigger does this have ? 60-2 VR crank ? Any camsync ?

A: I have some options:

For simplicity I will just use the latest option for this first moment. I don't want the HALL distributor as it still has gears to mess precision. If I change it later I will go for 60-2 VR crank.

There is no camsync and I have no idea how to implement it on Golf head. Any ideas here?

Order info


Lot's of things... Injectors, fuel pumps, catch tank, admission (cheaper to get ITBs from a Hayabusa than the stock from Golf)...

Ignition coils and MAT will come from old parts I have that are working but need calibration.