I frequently repair Honda racecars, install stuff, do maintenance and tuning.

Although we are quite well off with all mechanical, air (intake, exhaust...), hydraulic (eg. VTEC) systems, we are often short of good tunable ECMs and tools.

I started to browse around [pgmfig] which is a nice site.Unfortunately I speak only a little English, I get some help from time to time with English and internet.

Current engine projects

To my knowledge the above OBD# are correct.

There are some [datalogging] related info (the wiki part of pgmfi site is great).

From [this page] it seems it's a simple serial port with non-standard baud-rate and [some hack] needed.

I wonder if the can tune or only monitor. It seems that only monitor, and EEPROM swap is needed for tuning.

Can someone provide info on logging and tuning the above ECM-s (maybe links) ?

The RT tuning HW (eeprom-emulator for a specific honda ECM) found:

eeprom emulators that might not integrate well with chrome sw:

EEPROM programmer

Even after realtime tuning, the data must be programmed into the EEPROM.


uberdata is compatible only with a few ECUs and they are all obd1. for obd0 take a look at turbo edit... for obd2 you better put a conversion harness to go back to obd1 or buy $$ hondata.

i've been using uberdata for a couple of years now, its very stable, but support is horrible.

uberdata can be used to log, but that is not one of its main features in my opinion. It is mainly used to remap the fuel maps and ignition maps. There are a total of 4 maps for vtec motors and 2 maps for nonvtec motors. Uberdata allows you to turbo the car which is another one of its key features. I havnt upgraded my uberdata version in atleast a year. So there are probably many other features on the new version.

Some features are

1. Full throttle launch (build boost in netrual

2. Full throttle shift

3. boost cut

to install ubderdata is very simiple.

1. remove and socket the ECU (remeber only certain ecus are compatible, thay are all obd1)

2. open uberdata software

3. guess new fuel and ignition maps

4. write to eeprom

5. install in the car

6. tune the car and goto step 2 until you are statisfied

This is a very slow process, with many iterations and risks. It takes days or weeks instead of hours. Expect money spent on dyno time to be $500 instead of $100. For every modified engine. A tool (for $200..$300) that can be used for real-time tuning seems like a good investment.