GenBoard/VerThree install on Honda B16A2 engine


There are 3 transmitters with toothcount 1,4,24 in the distributor (with honda PGM-FI ECM pin numbers): I've seen the toothwheel, the 1 and 4 tooth per camrotation are obviously VR.

As you see, autodata suggests that these are VR signals (amplitude increases with RPM).

If above is true (2 VR signals), the assembled ECM auditrigger configuration should be used without the cam-HALL connected.

From the Honda service manual

Double check polarity because when I measured the pattern, hooked up this way the pattern went down instead of up.

[MembersPage/PhatBob] There is no need for the Audi Trigger, as we should be able to use a configuration similar to this:

This is almost exactly the same trigger type as the Toyota ones I'm looking at in VehicleFitment/Toyota.

With the 24 pin for engine speed and the tdc/sync sensor you should be able to get VEMS running fully sequential injection and even coil on plug!

Wants to use (063/064 type) LSU4 WBO2 sensor in the Honda (red street car) exhaust. Since still using a factory ECM (OBD0), "NBO2"-style signal is needed.

When Afreshtiny round controller is removed (for tuning another car), the engine will normally not run (but it would be nice if it could run without it: eg 3 x diode drop for the heater and adapter connector for use as NBO2 - without the pump).