Fiat Coupe 2,0 20V Turbo 5cyl engine

Firing order: 1-2-4-5-3


Mechanical throttle body

Manual Boost controller

ON/OFF variable intake cam angle

Individual IGN coils Bosch 0 221 504 006 (passive coils)

Siemens DEKA 630ccm injectors (high imp.)



-Trigger1 (VR type) (EC36/pin 27 & GND 26)

-Trigger2 (Hall) (EC36/pin 13 & GND 26 & pin 28 for +5V supply)

-WBO2 LSU4.9 (used wiring diagram for 4.9 sensors)

-MAP 400kPa (in ECU)

-TPS (EC36 pin1 & GND26 & pin 29 for +5V supply)

-CLT IN (EC36 pin14 & GND26)

-IAT IN (EC36 pin2 & GND26)


-Table switching - switch to GND (Analog ch.7 EC18/pin12)

-Launch control switch - switch to GND (analog ch.5 EC18/pin 2)

-Wheel speed input from gearbox (EC18/pin 8)



Cyl 1 EC36/pin 34

Cyl 2 EC36/pin 36

Cyl 3 EC36/pin 33

Cyl 4 EC36/pin 24

Cyl 5 EC36/pin 35


Cyl 1 EC36/pin 7

Cyl 2 EC36/pin 19

Cyl 3 EC36/pin 9

Cyl 4 EC36/pin 8

Cyl 5 EC36/pin 20

Other outputs:

-ON/OFF Variable Valve timing solenoid (INJ output EC36/pin 18)

-Double-coil IAC valve (INJ output EC36/pin 6 & 17)

-Fan2 relay (IGN output EC36/pin 11)

-Fan1 relay (IGN output EC36/pin 12) For this time NOT IN USE!

-Engine check light - bulb 1,2W (P259 ch.4 EC36/pin 3)

-Tacho output RPM (Stepper-C EC18/pin 5)

Wiring diagram (please see if there could be any problems):



After tuning engine runs perfectly (starts/idle/power) approx. for 1 month. One day morning i was start vehicle for 2-3 minutes and stop it normally. In this point everything works fine. After 1 hour i start the engine again, but this time i had a problem with misfiring on 4th and 5th cylinder (i saw misfiring on individual power gauge in VemsTune). Also when engine accelerate there was misfiring. I try to change spark plugs and also ignition coils, but engine still misfire on the same cylinders (4&5). When i start engine last time, after 2-3 minutes of misfiring, engine stops and it was not possible to start it again. In this point i could connect to the ECU without problems. After few minutes VemsTune show up message about Boot sequence with two buttons: Stay or Leave. First, i choose stay, but in few seconds ECU show up message again. So i click on Leave. ECU starts to knocking with relays and disconnect from VemsTune. After this, it was unable to connect back to the ECU. VemsTune can not find ECU even when i scan all COM ports.

After installation of another 8xIGBT ECU (and loading config from old ECU), vehicle runs normal and engine works perfect like before. And customer go home (approx. 300km from my garage).

Today i Boot ECU (connecting DSUB9 pin 2 to pin3) and load new firmware. Now ECU is alive and communicate with VemsTune. But i would like to send it to factory for testing of all outputs and CPU and Eproms, etc....

ECU seems to operate perfectly on bench (passed testing, all inputs, outputs, ...).

Apparently install is made with sufficient care (eg. this page is better than average install docs, showing the good effort and approach)