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For HighZ injectors:


For LowZ check the User Guide its all there.

My project car is a 1st gen Saturn I've had for years. 4 cyllinders, batch fire, DIS module that basically emulates a distributor. PCM also needs to do speedo calculations and control the AC and other wierd things. I've turbocharged it and need something that can handle boost better than the map hack that leaves me open to pinging if it's hot out, but at least gets the fuel right.

I'm replacing the entire stock PCM with the genboard. Currently I'm working on the initial fuel injection functionality.

Links I like (also available from the Documentation link at the top)

MembersPage/PhatBob/UserGuide good manual, start with this


I grayscaled the board front and back and printed it. It's not as good as a silkscreen, but it does a good job at helping directions become understandable when someone mentions JPxx.

[Top View]

[Bottom View]

Manual for connections:

And the schematic for when that isn't good enough.