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Turned out to be configuration related: "Engine off delay = 00" (instead of 01 or higher)

Problem Description

At any rpm, (tested up to 4000), I loose ignition, fuel pump and fuel injector activity for a very brief split second. Feels like I have shut the board off and on again super fast. Megatune log shows rpm drop to 0 during most of the events but not all seem to get recorded. Megatune shows no resets. With the board out of the truck and on the test bench, fault is the same. For the rest of this page, assume the readings and observations are all off the test bench with nothing but the fuel pump relay and input trigger connected. There are no ign coils, no injectors, no wb02, no idle solenoid, no sensors, nothing is hooked up.


Turned out to be configuration related: "Engine off delay = 00" (instead of 01 or higher)

Changed to 02 and installed in truck. Runs perfect now.

If I was interested in filling in this type of info in the vems manual, how would I do it? I have definately learned alot over the last year of fighting with this thing and would like to put it out for others to read. Keep in mind, I am not very computer literate so keep it simple but I will eventually figure it out if I have to.

The recommended way is editing the XML directly (easy syntax, similar to HTML, simle for anyone who edited webpage earlier) via subversion, see GenBoard/ManualConstruction. If you just have a few suggested fixes, you can list on a wiki page, take note of the fixed manual section (quote a part).

I suggest to keep the new board for a while. We'll specify where to send when needed.