Trigger related page for MembersPage/EricN

truck is a 6 cyl. I am firing cop coils and using a distributer mounted trigger wheel. Tooth count 12-1

Board is a v3.2 serial number=110

Trying an optical trigger now, followed instructions for Hall sensor on primary trigger as per manual. Seems to trigger properly.

Picked up an OPB804 optical switch. Built it into this little circuit that I found on the internet opticaltrigger.JPG

Changed the 1k resister to 100ohm, voltage at led is 1.25v to gnd (normal for an infrared LED). Using pullup on vems

signal high (beam blocked) is 4.6V (good, since it goes higher than 2V)

low is .25V to gnd (good, since it goes under 0.6V)