I'm planning to use the GenBoard/VerThree as engine management for my Vectra upgrade. It is a 2.0 16v engine with 156 HP as standard. (isn't it 147HP from factory?)

The goal would be the ~220Hp area, with low boost high CR. Thatswhy Anti-Detonation techniques are very important to me.Knock control is essential for this setup.

You'll be happy about recent knock code in firmware (from mik). Still under development...

Change in project:

This original plan was changed. Seems like, I'm going to buy a complete c20let engine (the factory turbo version of my engine) from a scrapyard. And add GenBoard to it. After that I can simply install it to my engine bay. This way the CR is 9.0:1 so higher boost can be achieved. That engine gives 204HP as standard, even with it's very poor factory intercooling. So some improvements could be easily achieved. (The stock AFM is very restrictive, higher boost could be achieved thx to a bigger intercooler, and maybe 5th and 6th injector at the outlet of this IC, this also increases the cooling effect). It is also likely that I'll change to a new KKK turbocharger, because the factory ones don't handle stupid drivers well (so it's likely to be next to junk).