4+1 type (c004) trigger setup. (4 primary pulses + 1 sectrig pulse in a 720 crankshaft-degree cylce).

Toyota 4+1 trigger status

Car is running well now but have to crank long time to get cync but itīs ok.

We did:

Mode select to 5V on Pre and sec trigger

Mounted a 500 ohm to Sec trigger pull down

Mounted a 1 Kohm to Pre trigger pull down

Log and config will be added later


Out two triggers are located in the distributor so there are plenty of noise from the ignition coil!

Ideas for hardware mods?


I got some scope pictures, as you can see the ignition coil is making some noise ( aprox 200mv )


Hello, we are planing to build one of our private cars with VEMS

Our goal is to make a PnP? install.

Q: Our only concern is about the trigger! Our car is driving whit a 4 + 1 trigger system. The 4 triggers comes 10 degress before TDC, and the cam sensor trigger comes in TDC for cylinder one.. Is that posible ?

A: This trigger is easy, but you must use VemsTune to make a triggerlog and check the timing of the primary and secondary trigger pulses. The cam sync must always appear between the same two primary trigger events, if not then you will see "sec trigger late/early" in VemsTune and datalogs. You can try off setting the signal using the trigger edge setting for both or either of the triggers, change from falling/rising to the other will offset the signal by a trigger tooth width. //Mattias

Q: Great. I took the scoope picture here:


The Sec trigger occur at TDC on cyl 1.

The primary trigger occurs at 15 degress before TDC.

Kind Regards Daniel