If you are having problems that noone else have encountered, why not uploading a .vemslog so that someone else can test your config??


Just to make it simple because I spent more then one week with this control and I'm pist off already with all this formula and scientific answers: To adjust boost vs RPM by MAP target (even the sensor is mounted to measure my grandma pressure :) and is not calibrated at 1bar sea level should regulate the requested value from table)I can play only with 2 tables:

input signal is 0-5V

output Signal (for valve)PWM 12v DC 0-100%

NOW!! I tried many firmware and different PID values but each time the 12VOutputDC?(measured with a scope) was not affected by Boost target values(rpm vs TARGET pressure).Is affected only by Boost refDC values(rpm vs ref DC) and pressure(1-5v input) after passing PID calculations.

I do not know how you guys tasted but I just suppose you have a boost control set by RefDC? table with PID pressure feedback OR I just miss something.I tested in many possible ways but BOOST TARGET TABLE DON'T CHANGE NOTHING IN BOOST CONTROL OUTPUT.If you do not believe me, test yourself.

(((I'm using vems on the table with all kind of simulators and measurement instruments soo... I can not make it work; it should follow the TARGET//I want to see it first that is working on table and after I will instal it on car So for those which will ask me what kind of /car /valve/ pressure sensor I'm using =DOES NOT MATTER!!!! should work as process controller on the table so do not circle around with answers about calibration and where I should mount the sensor I'm using input voltage 0-5v and measure PWM output)CAN someone give a straight answer???

This I can not understand: Where I can set MAP target value???????


Boost Control -> Boost vs RPM Curve.

The only difference between the Boost-target and MAP-target setting is to use the internal MAP-Sensor or use a external sensor connected to a 0-5v analog input. This is just badly written in Vemstune //Erikk.

Just to simple clarify: I have a control loop for regulating pressure with PID calculation.I have only boost refDC table(f)RPM. WHERE IS THE SETPOINT =TARGET VALUE?????? I have only %of duty cycle witch is "modified by Input pressure after PID calculation. Where I put value of target ????? (as far as I know PID is used just to achieve better the target without over/under shots) I can not see any target in any table.The boost target map is not used at all.I'm with presure sensor /vems/signal generator/osciloscope/valve compressed air /on table and I can not understand--NO ANY CHANGE ON DC For variation of Boost target values(in MAP target mode)

CLEAR that (Use MAP-target, not boost target) 10x

I use MAP sensor connected after turbo -before throttle

Use MAP-target, not boost target.

I have v3.3 new board (serialNr=XXX) with some problems:

Stuck in bootloader.

(no communication with MegaTune and no LCD characters, just 2 lines of squares).

In BrayTerm? i have <0> and the board don't respond to any command.

After i enter in Boot mode (loopback the rs232 board)the board respond and everithng is ok : say 'S' report back AVREFI1, say 'v', report "20".

After that i try to update the firmware .i update with psituner and afterthat with perl (perl bin/ vems.hex :COMn Etwf) 3 diferent files of vems.hex and NOTHING. WHat is my Problem Now? The boot need to be updated?(it is posible to lose some information when i connect and disconnect rapidly the board Please help

  1. opened terminal program, set baud rate to 9600
  2. typed Man
  3. typed Manmcbffmcb, changed to 19200baud etc etc
then you will find the help from smart people alot more forthcoming and alot more helpfull.

After i upload 1.0.36 file vems.hex with perl command(perl bin/ vems.hex w) in command window i have:

total serious errors during write: 0


error at page 0


137,239,205,79error at page256

0,0,0,128<0 101632>

total serious errors at verify: 2

FAILURE we say E

I edit the .bat file (that becomes: )

Problem at verifying :

Verify flash

Error at page: 0

Error at page: 0

too many errors, bailig out

'''A: I think its more reasonable that you have a bad serialport/cable, USB adapter? //Emil Larsson

Read all document befor you tke a conclusion; i write the flash with rs232;in terminal the board respond to any command but ONLY IN BOOT MODE (and in boot mode i can enter only by loopback the board serial plug)

A bad serial adapter/cable (or broken ground in the cable) often seem to work for a few characters, but than fails in the middle of a bigger block.

Enter BOOT mode in 19200,8n1 and get answer for the following commands (all verified OK):

(I use avrdude.conf stk200 entry, but bsd cable works as well)

What i did:

I change the pins of isp proggrammer(i use stk 200 programmer with 74ls244)

I read the boot, reprogram the boot with avrdude and the same problem.

After that i write the flash (what exactly?) and on verify i have some erors. I tried after with avr isp , ponyprog and, errors on writing.

Or the chip was dameged on first try.

I change the atmega128 and now is ok.The chip was dameged on first try .(swaping is fun :))) )