I'm using firmware version 1.0.53. Can someone please look at my files. They are really messed up. Because I loaded some other config files also.

If someone has config files for firmware 1.0.53 with 60-2 VR trigger. Please post them.

I'm reading all day. And I don't know what to do anymore.

Reading only will get you nowhere. So start writing.

For each subsystem,

There are too many information (versatility) so you while you read, you need to translate (and write) the stuff into the exact terms of your own setup.

With their 3d .. 15th installs "experienced installers" tend to do it on the fly (which often costs them much time and pain and turns out to be a bad idea), but for the 1st install the only solution to proceed is to go into the fine details, specifically to your setup.

It took me a year to build my car&engine. I really want to hear the engine run! :)

These configs might as well start your engine (except the warmup bins). However, most of the setup simply cannot be verified because of the insufficient info you provided. Just some examples:

Quick review. Drop these and update the relevant subsystem (include the necessary detailed info, and the best-guess so far).



Needs review

Important :

The rest might seem minor, if you just want to start your engine but best to fix them now :

depends on injector and cyl size, and VE:

Overrun fuelcut

I know about the (IMHO trash) practice to start with overrun fuelcut disabled (by threshold=25500 RPM ). If you set tps_low and iac_tps_thres to anything reasonable, this will not activate fuelcut with throttle pressed. With throttle released, you definitely do not want 6500 RPM redline (say, if air enters somehow). Regulate lower to 1600 .. 2500 RPM with the help of overrun fuelcut. Just remember where you adjust it, and if you can rev there, but not beyond, you might suspect having made a mistake during the very simple tasks of setting tps_low or iac_tps_thres. Than move overrun fuelcut higher to see if the engine revs further. Also, check your logs.