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Opel C20NE engine

Warning: DO NOT TRY TO START YOUR ENGINE until you understand and measure the integrity of flyback and grounds See MembersPage/PhatBob/UserGuide

Forget essays that talk about everything yet tell nothing specific. Forget collection of questions. For every question, you need to have explained your particular setup of the given subsystem (usually 6..10 bullets). Make separate subsections (or even separate subpages) for each subsystem. Don't let subsystems mix.

Find at least 4 installs from MembersPage that are split to min. 5..6 pages. Read them.

Ignition outputs

passive wasted spark coil. As on GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table

The passive coil has a common +12V, Use a 7.5A fuse.

For 1.0.53 firmware, this means either

or Will be right. See "Missing tooth position" below.

Missing tooth position

Very important to know this, especially if you have no timinglight.

The tooth right after the missing tooth is tooth 0.

Which cylinder TDC comes next ? How many tooth after tooth 0 ?

Primary trigger

Sensor resistance ? Usually 400 .. 600 Ohm. Measure it !

Beware that the Opel VR sensor is often marked with reverse polarity in factory manuals (probably the bosch ecu reads the rising edge of the VR signal, while VEMS reads the falling edge with the LM1815 VR signal processor)

With standard bosch wheel (do you have a photo?), you know that your sensor polarity is right:

The reading just lasts for a very short time, a few 100 msec, when the movement takes place. If you can confidently do this test, you can skip the slightly more sophisticated InputTrigger/TriggerLog. If you like to do that anyway, binary triggerlog can be captured in 3 minutes, than upload the binary file so we can evaluate for you and find if your VR sensor is connected with correct or reverse polarity

(Boris 02-01-2007): Primairy trigger info on MembersPage/BorisRieken/PrimairyTrigger

Secondary trigger

Not needed for wasted spark. Disabled:


TPS, IAT, CLT is responding nicely.

Calibrate IAT and CLT later (if you care), when engine runs.

MembersPage/PhatBob You need to use a timing light to check the spark timing is showing the correct adavance (which is determined by the cranking advance setting). Make sure that there is no power going to the injectors so that the engine doesnt flood.

Yes, possible to start my engine without timing light

Have a read of this:

As it covers the starting proceedure

Cannot read the .doc file (tried MS Office and OpenOffice?)

Information from Webshop


SignalECU PinComments
Primairy Trigger = VR EC36Pin27No signal in Megatune
Secondary Trigger = HallEC36Pin13Don't need this in the beginning
CLTEC36Pin14Gives signal in Megatune. Not calibrated
IATEC36Pin02Gives signal in Megatune. Not calibrated
Injector 1EC36Pin07Not tested
Injector 2EC36Pin19Not tested
Injector 3EC36Pin08Not tested
Injector 4EC36Pin20Not tested
Coil Cyl 1-4EC36Pin36Not tested
Coil Cyl 2-3EC36Pin34Not tested
Fuel pumpEC36Pin09Not tested
RPM outEC36Pin17Not tested
TPSEC36Pin01Is working correct!
MAPInternal 250kPaSeen it working correctly
WB02EC18 ConnectorDid some calibration with Hyperterminal

Explain your exact subsystem setup so your question makes sense

The key to clean page is not the table format. Actually, bullet format is better for questions. When you post a question about your fuelpump, you WANT TO

With questions of enough detail it is possible to give good answers.

Otherwise you'll likely get answers like "follow the manual".