5 Bosch 0280 155 968, 465cc at 3.8bar. The "Green Giants" from Volvo S60R/V70R.

Resistance: 12.3ohm

Individual Coils

Not aquired yet, hoping to get a cheap set of regular non-oil-cooled coils or maybe coils from a marine or snow-scooter engine. If any one has 5 identical coils for sale feel free to contact me.

Idle Air Valve

From a '94 Audi NG motor, partnr 048 133 455. Measures ~8.9ohm and current draw is 1.4A at 12V. Should be PWM controllable.

Boost Control Solenoid

Audi solenoid. Found one behind the dashboard that controls the actuator for the A/C air. Since I've removed the A/C stuff I can use this one. It should work.

For any flyback (more on GenBoard/Manual/DDFlyback), the diode

with a FET/IGBT/NPN/chip/etc... switcher)

For the 4 stepper and the 8 injector outputs, the diodes are inside the controller (only the EC36pin23 wire is needed externally to complete the circuit). The IGBT and p259 outputs have (50V and 400V respectively) clamp to GND but external flyback can decrease the stress (max voltage and dissipated heat) and emitted noise.

Tachometer Output

A pulsed 12V output (like a stepper output) might work. Will have to look more in to this later. Some tachometer (RPM gauge especially older designs) requires high voltage to trigger, which is possible with an IGBT output and an [inductor]