Understand WhatEverYouDoYouDoItAtYourOwnRisk

7 cylinder engine is one I am building from drawing board up for an aircraft that I am also building.

hence the low rpm as it is direct drive.


Injectors are out of a Nissan 280z are 2.6 ohms [ barbed tail, will consider changing ] and best idea of cc rate is 270.

Point noted. Will be changing later as I need to remake injection ring. But first I would like to get it fired up.

Basic info

trigger - HALL recommended

For this (if there are 7 teeth on the crank!):

When you confirm that 7 teeth are on the crank we give it some benchtesting.

There are 7 teeth on the crank.

Please name the falling - high to low going - edge of the crankpulse which is appr 45-96 degrees BTDC cyl1 as pulse0

Cam pulse is somewhat before the "cyl1 crankpulse" I guess. (from now on use the pulse0 as reference) The chosen (rising or falling) campulse-edge MUST NOT race with the chosen edge of the primary trigger pulse. Min 15 degrees clearance recommended to allow cambelt sloppiness. Halfway (26 crankdegrees = 13 camdegrees clearance) between two primtrig pulses is best. We might choose the edges to allow higher clearance.

Ignition outputs

number,=7 stick coils, inductance [not known ]

Requires power IGBT output (not logiclevel) ?

The current(in function of dwell) measurement-series is required for any proper install (even though often jumped over during ground installs).


On ground we also decrease dwell to the point of misfire (often 1.2 .. 1.4msec). Finding dwell values from other applications (for same ignition transformers) can be reassuring.

Injectors =7 = 225cc High Z [ am expecting 130HP at 2500RPM can you advise on flow rate][Would like reliable idle]


You will not be able to set the parameters one-by-one. We will use a starting setup, and modify the bits according to your wiring. So:

Start by describing your system above, THEMATICALLY organized by subsystem. So we can help you get a starting setup. Note that even the cylinder count is missing !

Fill in this page above.

It now seems that the MAP guage on main screen is directly controlled by the movement of the throttle

The software is running alphaN, instead of speeddensity, thatīs why the mapsignal is the same as TPS/skassa


You might want to setup a build page on the forum.

In any case your alpha-n rpm must be 0 to the ecu to run

speed density.

You should find this in the Alpha-N/Speed density settings menu under the Base settings menu

Thanks sorted that bit, will consider forum idea

tested with the following two configs:

Now it needs more testing.

VemsTune Import values from vemscfg file feature:

<PRE> 0



8 6 4 2

x (do not care)


This is actually in the reference config.