This page is developer discussion on analysing datalogs

Datalogs contain much information. Some of it is valuable, still not easy to extract it. In racing, advanced log analysis can make a very big difference.

Megalog Viewer

This is a new log reader program. Very good usable, fast, and stable. You must check it!


I've found a very good usable log analisys software. Check it out! [PAnalyzer]

Time domain

One signal in function of the other, or other 2

The idea is to make

Building blocks

The data traveling between building blocks (on the "wires") is

The data is not copied, when not necessary, only referenced.

Use case - Analysis of InTake/VariableIntake

We want to see the difference of (pw/MAP) plotted in function of (RPM,MAP) between data sampled at appr. 0.5sec, 1sec and 5 sec after the variable intake actuation condition is met. This shows the speed of variable intake, and if the vacuum is "consumed" from the vacuum container too early (because of some leak). pw/MAP is close to real VE because of the incredible EGO correction (that is fast, precise, and active at WOT too).

Signal filters:

Plotting blocks:

Related work

We should look around for similar frameworks. I doubt that it's feasible with octave. But some sound editors might have these implemented.

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