Caprice Twinturbo - I'm about to install genboard 3.2 in a caprice 66 460cui twinturbo.


Engine runs, car doesn´t =)

No more work untill spring -06

Some questions:

See GenBoard/Manual/Tables for tables dimensions.

The 2step revlimiter is for dragracing application, when clutch is "in" i want the engine to rev 4500 but with full throttle

When i release the clutch the revlimit should go up to 10000rpm

RedMist? wrote: Emil, standard two step launch controllers are a little more complex than that. You want to offer a ramping rate then a cutoff RPM. This will keep your wheels from spinning immediately after clutch release. IE You two step the car, both clutch and accelerator depressed (you'll need a basic switch, like a brake light switch on the clutch). The car sits at a pre determined RPM (4.5k) then ramps up slowly, say 1000rpm / sec and introduces either a misfire and or fuel restriction in order to stop too much power from spinning the rear wheels. At another pre determined RPM the ramping switches off and you are allowed to rev right to the standard RPM limiter.

All that being said, if you have the ability, you are much better off modulating the throttle plate yourself. The plates introduce turbulance at low / mid RPM that keep fuel in suspension. IE You have more HP at 4000 RPM with a part throttle than you do at WOT. This may not necessarily be true on a single throttle body, however is proven dyno true on my ITB Toyota.

I'm sure there is a page in the WIKI dedicated to launch control. However I'm having issues finging it.