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The AfreshBoard is a companion to the GenBoard that's used in the MS-AVR. The AfreshBoard currently add a single Bosch LSU lambda sensor, two differential EGT channels, a HIP 9011 knock sensor circuit, six resistive sensor inputs, two external ADC's (10chX12bit +1chX12bit 500ksps), a serial EEPROM and some prototyping space to the MS-AVR. All unused pins are brought

out to headers.

The AfreshBoard use the same powerful Atmel Mega128-16 RISC micro found in the GenBoard, the firmwares and shared libraries live in the same CVS. GNU GCC is used throughout the project.

Both units can be configured using a combination of a PC keyboard and a character LCD or with a RS232 terminal (program). The development rate is currently a bit to swift for the PC configurator programs to keep up.

The MS-AVR board that's really called GenBoard is available as an assembled unit or PCB + component kit. The MS-AVR uses the same binary-configuration protocol as megasquirt, so it's compatible with SoftwarePage/Megatunix? and SoftwarePage/MegaTune?. The new variables and tables (needed for the new features) are easily configurable from GenBoard/Keyboard? or rs232, though not from megatune/megatunix yet. Lance's

superdoc, the MegaManual applies except for obvious differences (like

component names, ve-autotune, ignition tables...).

The AfreshBoard are currently available as a 100X80 PCB for developers. The AfreshBoard/Firmware? is under development.

List of tasks:

Port the LCD, keyboard and communication modules to the AfreshBoard, it's mostly ifdef's.

Lambda module

EGT module

HIP 9011 module

External EEPROM module

8 channel external ADC module

1 channel high speed ADC module

ION data collection and number crunching.

GenBoard - AfreshBoard link.

PC configurator updates.

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