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GenBoard developers are friendly, but for efficiency reasons it's good to know the power and weaknesses of any new developers (eg. to address questions..)

Please cutn'paste this to your mailer, fill in, and send to cell at x-dsl dot hu

Please rate your skills according to this table:

0: not event heard of
1: insufficient
2: bad
3: ok
4: good
5: professional

digital electronics:
analog electronics:
process control (PID, etc...):
programming in C in embedded:
programming in C on PC:
programming in C++ on PC:
programming in JAVA on PC:
programming in PERL on PC:
programming GUI PC:
programming handheld:
programming asm AtMega128:
programming some other architecture in asm:
programming DSP:
engine management:
other automotive/avionics .... ? :
XML, PDF skills for documentation: