See also TractionControlArm, TractionController

Hopefully one will clean it up, this info was just going down the drain...

<blundar> I should probably have some more interesting stuff to post / share / etc. on 2004-09-27

<blundar> did proper statistical tests

<blundar> i.e. analysis of variance

<chrisge> what is the reference for what wheel speed should be?

<blundar> reference is determined during calibration

What gear?

<chrisge> what if my front tires are not on the ground?:_)

<blundar> tilt sensors :)


I was thinking about the calibration process. I believe it is possible to make it without an explicite button from the user:

When we collect the wheelspeed ratios of the 4 wheels to histograms, the peak of the histogram should be the no-spin - a good reference.

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