Revision: r016_jk

Status: unlocked

Aim: Moved v_out to a software pwm, chared pin with MOSI earlier. Maybe finished for PCB manufacture. Aligned support pins for the DisplayBoard?


Revision: r011_jk

Status: unlocked

Aim: Fixing insane autoroutes and aligned connectors on main and display board.

Write the new revision number and your initials and change the status to locked before you start working on the file. When you mail the file to HQ again you change the status to unlocked. A slight variation of the v3 procedure.



and log:'

Placed the ISP connector.

Added series capacitor on the VR input, that should not affect the VR sensors but would transform a square wave signal to a signal that can be used with the LM1815 VR interface. Removed the LM1815 bypass.

Changed the MAT and CLT inputs a bit.

Removed the software controllable 'RPM signal from 12V' amp.

Made new 7seg part in library, the drawings wasn't any good. I'll get one to take the measurements on.

Verified the 3*7 LED (the green 3.0 mcd/10mA is beautiful!) http://www.elfa.se/elfa-bin/setpage.pl?http://www.elfa.se/elfa/produkter/se/2021838.htm to be common cathode as per spec (J├Ârgen).

Minor rearranging of components on the display board, still autoroutes.

Jorgen says these LEDDisplay are better for HUD (separate elongated PCB with tons of these, maybe right):