We can forecast that many people using VEMS products will be racing. Radio Telemetry can be very handy in many cases.

433-868-915 MHz Freqs for Europe, North America, and Asia

Up to 4km range

In a recent (April 04) Race Car Engineering article it detailed how F1 teams were using Palm devices and bluetooth. If a majority of data could be collected either in the pits or on the start line and necessary modifications made at that point would that not negate the necessity for a full radio based telemetry system?

We could easily integtrate a pit/start line based network into the existing PDA tuning/ datalogging initiative. Many modern PDA's have either bluetooth or 802.11 inbuilt. A PDA in the car, another PDA or a laptop for the engineer and a 802.11 hub and your set.

- Only problem seen with this is the number of antennas to cover a road course... F1 Teams have money. Even in open air, the absolute max range is 300 yards with line of sight. So anyway, this could work for autocross. -Frank

802.11 telemetry would only be good for pit or start line real time data or mass collection of data logs when the car stops or pits. F1 teams still use Radio telemetry to take real time data from a race, and full Radio telemetry could be an option for those who have more money and require complete real time circuit telemetry. - Daniel