Genboard unit specification:

Serial no.: 1433

pump- = 4.12 V

wbo2pumppwzero = 0x66 (102)

wbo2 nernstdctarget = 0x86 (134)

pump+ = -3.5 mV/200 ohm

AREF = 4.9 V

firmware ver = 1.1.27

Calibrated values:

Map sensor offset (kpa) = 6

WBO2 calibration constant = 199

PUMP PID nernst target = 134

Problem at egt calibration:

Calibrate the egt sensor according to AfreshTiny/EgtCalibration There is no egt1_offs in v3 config (for the AD597 chip it was always ~0 so it was dropped. It is not for room-temp or fever measurement anyway) so skip the offset and only do the calibration. Best to apply 30-35mV signal.

If you want to skip it, use 0x4C (decimal 76). 0x55 would show rather high.

egt1_cal=0x4C (76)