Volvo S70 T5 Turbo

Motronic 4.4 Ecu 19T 21psi cca 340Le

Engine: B5244T LPT 9:0:1

2445 ccm

5 cyl

Na camst

Rs500 intercooler

S60R Fuel injectors 42lb

Walbro 255 Lph pump

TD04HL-19T Turbo

3" exhaust

Msd ignition(distributor)

New Project: 1998 Volvo S70

Engine: B5245T3 LPT 9:0:1

2521 ccm

5 cyl

Dual VVT

Rs500 intercooler

Siemens Deka 630

Walbro 255 Lph pump

Borg Warner 5329

3" exhaust

Volvo T5 COP's Bosch 0221604001

Inline 5-cylinder, sequential ignition with camsync

Primary trigger: 60-2 w/ VR sensor.

Secondary trigger: Single tooth w/ Hall sensor.

The rising edge of the cam wheel hits the sensor after cylinder three fires and before cylinder one does.

Firing order is 1-2-4-5-3.

Ign. outputs will connect as follows (for 2+6 igbt configuration, + PNP transistor

Ignition outputs


TPS is standard Volvo S70 , 3 pin.

-Standart Vr sensor 2 pin

-Hall sensor 3 pin

-Bmw Mat sensor

-2 Bosch Lamda

-IAC 3-pin

Coil pin-out:S70 T5 Cop


1 Trigger

2 Not Used

3 Ground

4 +12v

ign TDC-delay (primary trigger settings) is too low !

Correction hint: 144+20=164 crankdeg = 15*6 + 74

Validation shows possible problem

With hall dirac filter the problem shows less times


We applied some changes to the config, because "TDC after trigger" = 20 crankdeg is not a good setting (see above ... Since we changed 144 crankdegrees, you might need to rotate the ignoutput sequence by 1 event, strobing will show it).

After that, we benchtested the config.

We benchtested the ~160 kPa and 3000 .. 7000 RPM range most extensively where your cylinder seems to misfire. The ignition and injection outputs fired properly.

Test config:

Hi Marcell,

could you please take a look on my log file?

On WOT runs from 1st to 4th everything is fine, but in 5th gear @ 3000 rpm the engine misfires => lambda goes lean (this is a consequence of misfire: unburnt oxygen in the exhaust), stutters.

The other problem is the startup. Doesn't matter if the engine is hot or cold I have to crank the for a long time to start. What could be the problem?