v3.3_u010262 mainboard home-assembled

Second Wbo2 needed some components (even for a mainboard, just request in order comment and gets installed for no extra charge).

Installed Resistors:

- R28 -100k

- R29 -510ohm

- R137 -10k

- R140 -10k

and Q14 FET

Pin out:

- EC18/1 WBO2_2 Nerst

- EC18/7 WBO2_1-2 Pump-

- EC18/8 WBO2_2 Pump+

- EC18/9 WBO2_1 Pump+

- EC18/13 WBO2_1 Nerst

- EC18/17 WBO2_2 Heater

- EC18/18 WBO2_1 Heater

Procedure to calibrate or recalibrate your WBO2 controller built-in to VEMS V3

Verify Pump-

My board measure 4.05V

Measure Pump+ and Adjust Pump-pw-zero

My board measure 0.8 mV

Verify Heater

LED lighting.

Nernst-DC target

Adjustable 450mV

config and log

Assuming you could free-air calibrate LSU4 sensors for both channels (after 2nd WBO2 components completed; and enabling 2nd WBO2 in config).

Care to write measured Rcal (between Rcal which is not a real sensor-pin and pump+) and calibration value ?

Q Could you take a vemslog of 2nd wideband calibration sequence (from sensor cold), with the following options:

After receiving your logfile i will review and make suggestions on how to proceed.

Best regards, Dave


Hi Dave!

A vemslog is upload. Vemsfile area- VacsiImre?.