Update 2015-11-30.

The unit below was changed to a new unit : 11241.

I went home to the customer, checked everything and installed the new ECU and the car started up and ran fine.

However, after I had left he started up the car again to run i warm to tighten the headbults.

After about 15min the engine died.

He says he heard the fuelpump go out before the engine died.

He tried starting again, he says he heard the fuelpump come on one time, then nothing. No spark, no fuel.

All supplys and grounds where checked and all fuses. Still no start.

I have now tested the unit on my bench and it is completely dead.

No response from CPU, not even with power from AVR.

The fist unit (the one talked about below) was damaged in the same car, but the suspected culprit was a faulty cracked coil, sparks where flying at the base of the connector.

All the coils where changed and checked before the new unit went in. Still the new unit stopt working after just about 20 min?!

What are we supposed to do now? What can cause this type of damage? The engine ran perfectly, not a hiccup. Then just died.

Cant really try a third unit before we know what causes this?

Im out of ideas of what could kill the CPU like this?

The install is on a BMW M50, In a E36, custom electric system.

With Twinshield harness, high Z, and OEM BMW M50 passive coils.

Old post from October


I have a unit that after a possible fault in wiring show strange symptoms. The voltage in VEMStune is about 9 volt, but I have 12 volt on the supply pin.

Also, one injector output, connected to fuel pump relay started to ground continuously on power on.

I have measured the transistor and there is no short, the transistor seems fine. The problem must be from the CPU?

We did noting when a got a NEW unit that one ignition coil were cracked and the spark did exit just by the connector. It is possible the spark can have entered the signal wire to the IGBT


On this picture, by the pen, is that some form of 12v regulator/stabilizer?

Is there something I could check or is it better to send this unit in for service?