Toyota Supra mk4 1994 2jz gte


The car runs, but above 3000rpm the cranktrigger seems to see to many missing teeth.

I was running on a VR at first with the exactly same results, but changed to HALL in order to get a stable trigger.

I also tried to change the wiring harness to VEMS 6cyl prebuilt harness with no change.

Tried diffrent firmware also from 1.1.91 up to 1.2.11. No success, all the same.


Disabled PWM of the injectors and added a resistor to every injector (configured in vemstune as highZ)

No success. Still trigger error above approx 3000rpm.

NEW Triggerlog:

Picture of trigger error:


NEW Log: Still exactly the same.

The VEMS dosn't say "trigger error" in the screen and are green the whole time, but still the triggerlog shows diffrent and you can here it aswell when you rev the car.

Engine tuned och dynoed on a dynapack. Had som issues with faulty turbos, other than that it went smooth to tune.

Precision 6266 and 1,6bar boost produced 615hk with no more than 700*C exahust temp. The car runns great.